Malleficarum- Live-Salamanca


MALLEFICARUM began its extreme metal travel more than 10 years ago. It was 2005 when an idea arose between Txuspe (guitar) and Fran (drums) to set up an extreme metal band. Still between versions and a couple of ideas like “In Nomine” or “Death Evocation”. They decided to search musicians for that project such as Javier Almendro (bassist), Possessed (voice), Roy (guitar), with whom the first official MALLEFICARUM line-up (previously called «Infernal slugther») would be completed.

They spent a couple of years playing live at all the major venues in Madrid and shaping what would be the first songs of the band, in consequence they decided to record their first two demo albums. They were contacted by an independent label in Sweden in order to participate in a compilation of international bands with their song «Death Evocation».

As a result, concerts were more and more intense and elaborate, with an overwhelming sound and a story around their heads, an idea that was closer to recording a conceptual album; but the high demanding level of the project left their first losses Fran and Javi left the band for the arrival of «Danny Lamberg» (bassist and arranger) being a key piece for what would be a more refined sound.

Recording our first album

After the published compilation, they released their first demo album, with which they contacted Alkemist Fanatics (Italian label) and Skill Booking to arrange the recording of their firs LP in Lagirano (Italy) at REAL SOUND STUDIO

Malleficarum” (2010). In the absence of the former drummer, they contacted a friend of the band, Alfred Berengena (BAALPHEGOR, MELTDOOWN, SOZIEDAD ALKOHOLICA …), for the album’s tracking in Italy and the first part of the tour.

Second part of the history

They were two intense years touring on increasingly higher-level stages and sharing scenario with strong bands, for instance: HELL’S FIRE, OBSCURA, NOCTEM, and many more.

Recording second album

Years later, the metal drummer: Diego Kaen Cordera (SILENTVICE, ECLIPTICA, FROZEN TEARS), and Miguel Molledo (lead guitar) came to the band to start their next project with a more modern style and a sharper sound on their guitars and fresher on their drums, they decide to compose the songs for the next album, that they would soon get into “Red Fader Studios” to track drums and “Burudu’s Studios” to track guitars, bass, vocals and arrangements with Alberto Torres, as engineer sound.

«The Nine Circles» is their new album and with which we can count on Charly (bass) for this new stage of the band. In addition, they have had the collaboration of Danny Lamberg for the album’s arrangements.

MalleficaruM today

Now the band is touring arround Spain and Portugal with a powerful, dark and mystical staging, and looking forward touring rest of Europe, meanwhile they are starting the composing process of their next album.

  • Naberius


  • Astaroth


  • Baal


  • Dantalion


  • Agares


Possessed: Vocals
Kaen: Drums
Roy: Rhythm Guitars
Molledo: Lead Guitars
Charly: Bass