“The Nine Circles” contains eleven forceful metal songs with powerful riffs, a mix of the most cutting and primitive black metal, with a forceful and devastating thrash metal. Songs in the purest Nordic style with peninsular signature and a staging that leaves no one indifferent. The conceptual part of the album is based on Dante’s Inferno (The Divine Comedy) and on the nine hells with their different circles and sins.

The striking cover and illustrations are the work of Ernesto Martínez. Alex Serna has been in charge of the design of the album. The band presents its new evil son (the new album): After more than a year of hard work, missteps, hardships, joys, euphoria and endless sensations that have flooded them; they present you their new “The Nine Circles” album…

As a curiosity, “MalleficaruM” is the monster/monk that resulted from the group’s first album, also conceptual, and that in this case this monster will walk through the different hells until he reaches Lucifer.